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Basic course of freediving

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Trainings in the pool

Do you want to develop skill learnt during the freediving course? Aren´t you sure about your breathing or finning technique? Or you just want to dive regularly? Come and join us on our pool trainings.

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Improve skills you have learnt during the courses

Aren´t you sure that you breathe correctly? Don´t you feel relaxed during the dives? Do you hate your fin-kicking technique. Ask for personal lessons for your improvement. Look at "About Us" - Other offer.

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Support, trust, cooperation... not only the atributes of successful bussiness, but also necessary skills in world of freediving. Let´s try this unusual team bulding event...

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Freediving, or breath-hold diving, is gaining popularity. Not surprisingly, in today's busy consumer, he is a great alternative to the entrance to another world.

In its most profound form of freediving is a different way of life in which we seek a balance between physical and mental performance. The uniqueness of freediving is given to the environment below the water surface with all its beauty and complexity, which can be enjoyed in silence for another gravity in a different light. This and many other brings moments of joy and happiness, which, though shorter, more intense about it.

On this journey, each of us a great helper and it is surprisingly our own body is encoded processes about which you do not have any idea.

On this journey, each of us at the same time powerful adversary, which is surprisingly our own mind of wireless schemes that bind us or unduly hampered.

Yes, freediving can be our own unique direction to improve the physical and mental qualities, but mainly for self-discovery - to explore their own depths and on just one breath ...

We organise basic and advanced courses of freediving mostly in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Since March to May 2015 we will run courses in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Follow this website to get more information.


We would like to invite you to freediving courses held by Apnea Academy in Abú Dhábí.more